Rooiputs und Polentswa

Ta Shebube’s unique desert safari plunges deep into the Kgalagadi – a remote, unspoiled and undiscovered treasure trove of the desert and the feeling of loneliness, the rugged scenic beauty, the abundance and diversity of wildlife, wilderness trails and culture.

During this fundamental safari, guests cross the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, which is characterized by its red sand dunes, the dry fossil river environment of the predatory Nossob Valley, the open acacia savannas, the grass plains and the overgrown pans. The dry river beds with their numerous water holes show predators and antelopes at the highest level and offer excellent photo opportunities.


Dinaka is an exclusive private reserve on the northern edge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and is home to one of the most unique biodiversity in southern Africa. The Kalahari lion, the springbok, the oryx and the brown hyena find refuge in this constantly changing desert landscape. The camp itself was acquired in 2017 and offers the perfect start or destination for any demanding Botswana safari.

Xaus Lodge

The pronounced “Kaus” is a place where you can experience a unique desert environment. It offers accommodation in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park for ecotourists and visitors to this wilderness area in the Kalahari.


No two Tswalu experiences are the same. This is because the way you see and touch this magical place is determined by your special interests and happens at your own pace. Tswalu is a generous landscape and as the sun rises over the Koranna Mountains every morning, new opportunities for learning, playing and exploring come to life. Every Tswalu Safari is a true journey to the heart of an inspired nature conservation vision and a landscape that is fantastic in its intensity and size.

Tutwa Desert Lodge

In the heart of the barren green Kalahari lies an oasis of calm luxury. Tutwa Lodge is a peaceful haven in a pristine area between the Green Kalahari and the mighty Orange River. As a Tutwa guest, you can enjoy the pleasure of a unique private wildlife safari on 16,000 hectares of land. Tutwa is a source of life and abundance in a wild, ancient desert. This rewarding encounter in the wilderness offers safari trips, nature paddling, bird watching, and interactive conservation experiences.

Jacks Camp

Jacks Camp is a year-round travel destination, but the two seasons couldn’t be more different. The dry season from April to October is the desert as you know it: a shimmering white envelops the scorched landscape, like a mirage that hovers over the crusted salt, and you will discover nomadic herds in the distance like an illusion. This is the time of year when you whiz across the pans with a quad and sleep under the starry sky.

When it starts to rain in November, the Makgadikgadi pans change. It is a time of abundance (also in the desert) and the salt marshes are turning into watery meadows that have been barely recognizable in recent months. A layer of emerald green grass stretches in all directions, pink flamingo clouds and flocks of migratory birds nest, and Africa’s second largest mammal migration of wildebeest and our black and white striped friends flood the plains. The green season in the desert is one of the greatest unpredictable spectacles in Africa and a magical time to visit.

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